Tandora Walkabout Tours – Mangrove Eco-Tours, DL Flyers!

Recently I designed DL flyers to promote these tours. They are are fantastic, I’ve been on two of them, more info HERE!

Tandora Walkabout Tours - Mangrove Eco-Tours


“Unique opportunity, first ‘Mangrove Walk’ tour licence issued in Queensland.

The Mary-Susan estuary consists of thousands of acres of pristine mangrove forests, large tidal islands and sparkling waterways.

Tour guide Lindsay Titmarsh has 55 years of experience at mangrove exploration.

Tandora is an 11,000 acre grazing property situated near the mouth of the Mary River on the ecologically diverse Fraser Coast of Queensland, Australia. For over 100 years, this vast estate has been owned and operated by the Titmarsh family. Lindsay Titmarsh, the current manager, is a well known local identity, naturalist, photographer and author.”

Please contact Lindsay HERE to find out more about his exciting Mangrove eco-tours on the Fraser Coast!

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