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Photography Win News Weather with Hannah

March 31, 2016

Photography Win News Weather with Hannah – Photography by Design House

TRUMP in Sydney

September 23, 2011

TRUMP and JEANETTE - Sydney, Business Seminar

For 3 days in September I listened to some of the most amazing and inspiring millionaires from our country and the world including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and DONALD TRUMP!
Talk about being on the biggest high ever!

As a motivated professional business woman it is extremely important to me that I learn from the absolute best for dynamic self improvement and that I am an EXPERT in my field improving what I can offer my clients in solving their business advertising problems to increase their confidence, profit and client base.

TRUMP and JEANETTE - Sydney, Business SeminarI like to set huge goals and go for them to inspire others to shoot for their dreams also and my latest goal was to have a photo taken with my business IDOL the legendary DONALD TRUMP currently valued at SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS!

Trump was introduced to the stage by Australian Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

I just LOVE Trump and especially his TV series The Apprentice. He is such a wise, educated, funny  and intelligent business man with a hardcore, can do attitude and to me a great mentor.
He is inspiring, motivated, professional, successful, speaks his mind on all matters, extremely family orientated and I felt a real kindness in his presence.

Trump said, “I believe, get even with people, if they screw you, screw them back ten times as hard!”

Three years prior I decided I must achieve my goal to have my photo taken with Trump! I even photo shopped a photo of Trump and I two years ago to begin the Law of Attraction process.

After Trump finished his speech at the event, I went back for a question / answer session with him.  When I had pushed my way through 150 VIPs and security, bravely attracted Trump’s attention to ask for a photo and was given the go ahead he was wearing the same pink tie he had on in my photo shopped image!

He looked me in the eye and asked me directly if I had enjoyed his speech to which I replied with honesty I thoroughly did!!! We also made a few other small comments. I then made my way to the back of the room, where I was on such an adrenalin rush that I had achieved another long term goal that my knees began to shake!

Meeting my business idol and finally achieving my goal to have a photo taken with him has made me believe even more in the Law of Attraction, being positive and that anything is possible in life!!! What an absolutely amazing, thought provoking and sensational experience! One of many more to come!

A big thank you to Michael Burnett from Empowernet for successfully organising such an Amazing event!!

Before the seminar I also ran 9km in the Sydney Running Festival across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Some of Trumps’ quotes from his speech:

–       “Be totally focused, you can’t take your eye off the ball”
–       “Rich people don’t like rich people, historically, well I don’t”
–       “I like Losers to be my friends”
–       “The harder I work the luckier I get”
–       “You can make yourself Lucky”
–       “You need passion, go against the tide”
–       “Go with your gut, go against the tide, I like that”
–       “Get even with people, if you don’t they will continue to go after you”
–       “If someone screws you, screw them back in spades!”
–       “Always get a pre-nup!”
–       “Think Big, it’s much easier”
–       “Focus on the positive”
–       “The word momentum is very important”
–       “Believe in yourself, see yourself as a one man band, see yourself as victorious, you have to think like a WINNER!”
–       “Can you take the pressure!”


Drink Spiking, it can happen!

June 10, 2010

drink spiking Drink Spiking, it can happen!Wide Bay Sexual Assault Support Services are getting the message out there this weekend with the use of their display stand created by Design House – “Drink Spike Alert ahead of Pub Crawl!”

IT CAN happen in an instant but lead to a lifetime of pain.

Drink-spiking is common and women attending the World’s Greatest Pub Fest on Sunday are urged to beware and take care so the crawl remains a safe and happy experience.

Counsellors from the Wide Bay Sexual Assault Support Service visited every participating crawl pub this week to distribute coasters, brochures and wrist bands warning of the dangers and advising people how to stay safe. … click here to learn more (image & info from The Fraser Coast Chronicle).

Drink Spiking CoasterWhat to do if you think your drink has been spiked.
It is important to tell someone you can trust, a friend, security staff, the police and go to a doctor or hospital. Your doctor or a medical practitioner can test for the presence of traces of certain drugs through urine or blood tests within 24 hours.

Report the Crime 000 – Seek Medical HELP!
Statewide Sexual Assault Helpline  1800 010 120
Wide Bay Sexual Assault Service   07 4121 5999

Fraser Coast Business Awards 2010

April 29, 2010

Fraser Coast Business Awards 2010

Design House is nominated for the Fraser Coast Business Awards 2010 by Emma from Spraytanz .
Thanks heaps Emma, professional clients like yourself make my work enjoyable, exciting and a pleasure!

Jeanette Maynes from Design House in Hervey Bay was nominated for the Fraser Coast Chronicle’s Business Awards by Emma Forster.

IT WAS Jeanette Maynes’ professionalism and helpfulness that inspired client Emma Forster to nominate her in the Fraser Coast Business Awards.

Emma was getting her spray tanning business, Spray Tanz, off the ground in December when she sought help from Jeanette, a graphic and website designer, with her own business Design House.

“I found Jeanette really professional and helpful and she got the website up and running and she did a fantastic design and helped me with the name and everything from the colours to how to market and promote the business within my budget and she’s always there if I need her to help me with the website.

“She had a very professional image and she’s really approachable.

“I’ve had heaps of comments on my design and logo.”

Jeanette is no stranger to being nomin ated for awards and made the finals of a national businesswomen’s award in 2008.

She set up her business more than five years ago because she wanted to “take the next step” and she came up with a catchy slogan for her business: weapons of mass communication.

Jeanette does artwork for three of the biggest billboard companies in Australia and often she doesn’t even meet her many out-of-town clients.

“I don’t even talk to them on the phone,” she said.

“I just do it off an email for the billboard creative, telling them what I need, whip it up, shoot a proof through and then make changes.

“I email it off to print, it’s couriered to where it needs to go and then installed.”

Jeanette now runs a paperless office for both financial and environmental benefits.

“I can operate from anywhere in the world really, I just need my laptop and I’m all hooked up, ready to go,” she said.

Jeanette said anyone could set up a paperless office with minimal cost by making a few changes.

To nominate a business, complete an entry form from the Chronicle and post it or deliver it to our offices in Hervey Bay or Maryborough.

Full story here: Fraser Coast Chronicle


April 16, 2009

ecoBiz News

ecoBiz, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast, Queensland Government, sustainability

Design House, Graphic Design, Print, Printer, Printing, Artwork, Websites, Website Design, Website Development, Hosting, Business Cards, Logos, Billboards, Flyers, Brochures, Vehicle Signage, Signage, Social Media, Facebook, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine CoastCongratulations to new ecoBiz Partners!
ecoBiz would like to introduce Design House, our newest ecoBiz Partner. Design House have submitted their first re-assessment and achieved financial rewards through improving their eco-efficiency.

Savings of ecoBiz partners to date stands at GHG savings of 21,600 tonnes and 294 megalitres of water annually!

Design House
Design House are a graphic and web design company. Their eco-efficiency actions have included improved thermostat settings, the use of protective film on windows and environmentally aware behaviour in the office. This has led to an annual GHG reduction of 1.1 tonnes (CO2-e). A reduction in paper use has decreased office waste by 11 cubic metres per year.

Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards 2008

November 24, 2008

Design House, Graphic Design, Print, Printer, Printing, Artwork, Websites, Website Design, Website Development, Hosting, Business Cards, Logos, Billboards, Flyers, Brochures, Vehicle Signage, Signage, Social Media, Facebook, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

On Tuesday the 18th of November I attended a luncheon at the Sofitel in Brisbane for the Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards as I was a finalist for the PricewaterhouseCoopers Young Business Women’s Award.

It was amazing to be in a room with 500 of the most powerful business women in Queensland. Labor State MP Margaret Keech, Minister for Women was present standing in for Premier Anna Bligh. It was also lovely to catch up with Anne Fulwood who was MCing the event again.

Professor Paula Barrett, Director of Pathways Health and Research Centre, was named the 2008 Telstra Queensland Business Woman of the Year. I had the pleasure of conversing with Paula the night before, she is a very motivated and inspirational woman;

Paula’s Queensland-based international consultancy-based clinic was founded in 2003, and provides resilience and life-skills programs to families and school communities. With a focus on coping with anxiety, depression, and stressful situations, Pathways Health and Research Centre’s internationally recognised programs provide a range of life-enhancing services for everyone from children to adults.

Queensland Telstra Business Awards 2008

September 13, 2008

2008 Telstra Business Awards

Design House, Graphic Design, Print, Printer, Printing, Artwork, Websites, Website Design, Website Development, Hosting, Business Cards, Logos, Billboards, Flyers, Brochures, Vehicle Signage, Signage, Social Media, Facebook, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

Wow what a big night was had at the ballroom of the Sofitel in Brisbane for the Queensland 2008 Telstra Business Awards. My business Design House Fraser Coast was one of the 28 finalists out of over 4,500 applications statewide. The host was Anne Fulwood and I was a Finalist in the Palm Micro-Business Award for businesses with five employees or fewer. I was first onstage for the evening to receive the Finalist Award.

I was extremely honoured  to be a Finalist and among all the other elite businesses and Finalists in the room.

A big ‘Congratulations’ to Mumentum who won the category and the two other finalists and River City Cruises.
I’m glad my category was announced first as I could then relax and enjoy the evening knowing I didn’t have to do a speech in front of 500 people! The food was delicious, the drinks flowed and the conversation lively and interesting. Afterwards I spoke with Anne Fulwood about her Media Consultancy Company and Lote Tuqiri who was staying at the Sofitel to play football today (Wallabies Vs the All Blacks) !