Drink Spiking, it can happen!

drink spiking Drink Spiking, it can happen!Wide Bay Sexual Assault Support Services are getting the message out there this weekend with the use of their display stand created by Design House – “Drink Spike Alert ahead of Pub Crawl!”

IT CAN happen in an instant but lead to a lifetime of pain.

Drink-spiking is common and women attending the World’s Greatest Pub Fest on Sunday are urged to beware and take care so the crawl remains a safe and happy experience.

Counsellors from the Wide Bay Sexual Assault Support Service visited every participating crawl pub this week to distribute coasters, brochures and wrist bands warning of the dangers and advising people how to stay safe. … click here to learn more (image & info from The Fraser Coast Chronicle).

Drink Spiking CoasterWhat to do if you think your drink has been spiked.
It is important to tell someone you can trust, a friend, security staff, the police and go to a doctor or hospital. Your doctor or a medical practitioner can test for the presence of traces of certain drugs through urine or blood tests within 24 hours.

Report the Crime 000 – Seek Medical HELP!
Statewide Sexual Assault Helpline  1800 010 120
Wide Bay Sexual Assault Service   07 4121 5999

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