The ‘Paperless’ Office

Design House, proudly a ‘PAPERLESS’ Office since 2009

‘Go paperless to benefit your cash flow and the environment!’

In 2009 at Design House, my graphic design and website management business, I decided to reduce paper usage and associated project costs and make environmentally sustainable changes to the business. It was decided that the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to do this was to link all work and management practices plus convert documents to computer-based business systems, a process known as digitisation.

The current clutter free, minimalist  office is advantageous to greater productivity, creativity and clarity.

Process / Benefits:

• Reduce business costs associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges.

• Reduce / down-size office space and eliminate filing cabinets and excess furniture. This reduced lighting requirements and lowered the energy costs associated with lighting, cooling / heating and annual expenditure on leasing premises.

• Design House is now able to conduct business in a mobile environment resulting in faster responses to customers. With the use of a laptop and smart phone, Design House can operate online effectively, efficiently and promptly from almost anywhere in the world!

• Documents can be saved and filed in cloud-based technology ready to be accessed remotely anytime via the internet. With online paperless business systems, I have 24/7 access to banking, accounting, tax portal, tech support, email campaigns, etc.

• Client and business emails, faxes, invoices, proofs, quotes and other correspondence are not printed out and filed as a paper copy but are received and filed electronically in the appropriate client and project files. This strategy reduces the paper required and also enables efficient management of project files and reduces the need for searching and tracking procedures.

• All invoicing is generated online and emailed direct to clients who, in turn, pay electronically with notification emailed to Design House. This strategy alone has reduced paper, time, postage and stationery costs, trips to the Post Office and bank.

• These relatively small and inexpensive changes to work procedures have the added advantage of speeding up the entire design, development and production process. Jobs can be completed and approved faster, allowing time for more projects to be undertaken. This effectively provides the opportunity for business growth and more revenue with no increase in staff or capital expenditure.

• Design House was recognized as the first commercial graphic and website design studio to be an ecoBiz accredited Partner with the Queensland Government in 2009 and the first ecoBiz Partner from the Hervey Bay region.

• Design House advertises its energy efficient and sustainable practices to its clients, suppliers and on its website. I choose to work with printers and production houses that are also committed to energy efficient and sustainable practices.

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