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1,000 Business Cards ONLY $150!

March 24, 2016

1,000 Full Colour Gloss Front Business Cards ONLY $150!

Awesome Design + Free Delivery Australia Wide!
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Website promos 1,000 Full Colour Gloss Front Business Cards ONLY $150!

Gympie Realestate Signage

September 17, 2015

The A-TEAM!!!!! Gympie Real and Bambling Rural! Logo & Artwork / Signage design by Design House – location Gympie



May 13, 2014

Do you need to rebrand your business?

Your brand is the public face of your business.
No business today can afford to rest on its laurels. Your business may be keeping up with economic and market changes but is your brand keeping pace?

Whatever your reason for rebranding; be it economic and operational expansion, technological innovation, growth and  change, your company’s brand must remain consistent with the latest and greatest your business has to offer.

Is you logo still modern or could it be refined to meet current design trends? Have you introduced social media? Is your website up to date, current, fresh & modern? Are your business and profile photo’s current?

Benefits of a rebrand: –

1. Gain competitive advantage
2. Stimulate growth
3. Long-term market expansion
4. Innovation = profitability

At Design House I completely rebrand my website and promotional images at least every two years. Check out the new portfolio section of my website HERE!


Need a Facebook Image? Save $50 + gst

November 9, 2011

 Only $200 + gst this month for your own custom designed Facebook image to upload as your profile pic or business banner!
(Normally $250 + gst)

Hurry, jazz up your Facebook page ready to promote your Christmas sales and special offers!

Facebook business pages are free!
No fees and easy to set up!

Simply click here to create yours!

Check Out ‘Virgo’s the Body’ here!

 (*Conditions Apply. Valid till December 23 2011)

Yellow Pages & Press Ads

November 9, 2011

Ever had a bad experience with your ads?

Wrong phone number printed!
Requested changes not made before print!

Incorrect colours or use of logo!

Final ad not run the same as your proof!

Then do what most of my clients do!

Contact me direct to professionally design your ad, ready for print and supply it yourself.
Take initiative, eliminate any room for error and have a design that will work for your business!

Also great to use on your Facebook Page!

“We would like to thank you for the great work you have done in designing our feature banner to be uploaded to our Yellow Pages Online ad.
To give you some basic details and see you turn it to life really blew us away. We were not only impressed by the artwork, but the efficient service in which you provided us with.
Really impressed with the great work and fast delivery!
We will have pleasure in recommending you to others who require similar services.”

Shane Bradbury
Professional Investment Services – Fraser Coast

Feeling the Pinch? Then for Heaven’s Sake Up Your ADVERTISING!!!

November 8, 2011

Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of cutting advertising from your budget during a Global Financial Crisis!!!

This may seem like it is saving you money but will cost you more in the long run or may take your business from Slow Sales to NO Sales! 

Research suggests that businesses that advertise and drive their brand through a GFC reap the rewards long after the hard times are over. 

Do you need help with your business brand & advertising? 

NOW is the time to make your business BOOM!!!!!

Take advantage of some of my Christmas Promo’s NOW!!
Save cash and promote your sales or services to current & new potential customers!

Put your most VALUABLE ASSET in the Clouds!

October 19, 2011

How easy is it to forget to back up important business or personal files, photos and data?
Why not use an online solution with Mozy an automatic backup service storing your important data on enterprise-grade servers where it can be downloaded from anywhere in the world should the original file be lost or damaged?
Giving you complete piece of mind if your computer or server crashes!

About Mozy

Founded in 2005, Mozy is the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses with more than 3 million customers and 70,000 business customers backing up 70 petabytes of information to multiple data centers around the globe.
Mozy is also used by Telstra for their client T-Suite cloud services.

Mozy believes:

You shouldn’t have to think about backup, it should be set up once, and then work automatically.

Your backup files should be encrypted and stored in a secure, remote location that’s only accessible to you – from anywhere.

Your backup system should be smart enough to only back up data that’s not already been backed up, only back up parts of a file that have changed, and be able to back up open and locked files.

Buy direct from Mozy and SAVE…
Click on the images below to find out more …

How to set up a Twitter account in five simple steps

October 17, 2011

[info and image via Telstra Business Smarter Business Ideas]

In the first part of our social media how-to series, we demonstrated how easy it was to set up Facebook page for your business. Here, we’ll show you how to use Twitter to reach out to your customers and get your company’s name out there without having to spend big bucks on conventional advertising.

Step 1 ….. click here!

A new survey has revealed how customers want to interact with businesses via social media – their top preferences include discount offers and help with customer service issues.

Discounts and offers – 61%
Responses to their positive comments – 37%
Responses to their negative comments – 34%
Resolve customer service issues – 31%
The sale of services and products – 30%
The report also revealed that 24% of respondents had bought a product after reading about it on social media.

What customers want from your business in social media, learn more here!

Tablet wars: Amazon out to burn Apple with $200 Kindle Fire!

October 2, 2011

AMAZON is out to burn Apple with a full colour tablet that’s less than half the price of the iPad.

The online retail giant today unveiled the Kindle Fire, its long-awaited touchscreen computer which experts believe could challenge Apple’s dominance.

The Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android software and costs only $US199 – the cheapest iPads retail at $US499 – and will let users download books, magazines, newspapers, videos and music.

It will have access to apps through Amazon’s Android store and, unlike the iPad, doesn’t need to be backed up on a PC.
Instead, it backs up its contents wirelessly on Amazon’s servers.

Click here to learn more!

Order yours below NOW only $199!!!

[ Info via ]

How to set up a Facebook page for your business

September 29, 2011

These days, creating a Facebook page for your business is no longer a luxury. 

Many small, medium and large businesses are using Facebook as a successful vehicle for promoting their brands and engaging with existing and potential customers  – and when set up and maintained correctly, you can reach far more users than you’ve been getting to previously.

A Facebook Page is free to set up, can be configured in less than five minutes (for a basic page), and doesn’t require any previous web development experience – although adding some of the more advanced interactive features are a little trickier.

Get started …. more info here!

[info and image via Telstra Business Smarter Business Ideas]