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Place your orders NOW!!!

August 18, 2010

Design House will be closed for a month in Oct due to annual leave in a remote location!  

Please be advised I am out of the country from Friday the 24th of September till Monday the 25th of October on annual leave.
As I am climbing to Base Camp at Mt Everest I will have no internet or phone coverage. (OMG No Facebook!!)
This will be the first time in 6 years I have had a month off work and especially with no communication available!
This will be a test on every level!
For me and my valued clients! 

So please check your printing stocks are not running low! Email me now to reorder;

If you experience any website or email problems while I am away please email the specific details and error message to

If you would like to sponsor my trek any support would be most graciously appreciated …. Please click here for more interesting information about the trek and see how you can help and promote your business.

JAM Outdoor (Rebrand)

March 1, 2010

JAM website JAM Outdoor Landoway Outdoor in Bundaberg approached Design House seeking a major rebrand as they have renamed their existing company to JAM Outdoor.
Being one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in Queensland with over 350 + billboards we developed a website so that potential clients could not only view JAM’s professionalism but the location of their sites statewide.

We started with a logo design and carried that through into business cards, letterheads, with comp slips & finally the website development.

Design House has enjoyed a successful business relationship with JAM Outdoor by designing billboard creative’s for their clients for the past two years. Please click here to view JAM’s artwork rebrand or click here to view JAM’s website.

Our company has just undergone a major rebranding from Landoway Pty Ltd to JAM Outdoor.  As a large regional Queensland billboard company, we felt our growth and professionalism required a memorable and contemporary name to match our ethos.  This has not been a simple process, as all our communications required a name change along with our new logo and colours.  We have also used the opportunity to launch a new website, JAM  Design House have managed the process, navigating across all areas involved, ensuring that we keep on track by following the process through to completion. It is not an easy journey to change your name when you are presenting your company across different mediums each having their own issues in presentation.  What stands out on a website compared to the tag on a billboard is very different.  Jeanette has been very flexible and responsive to our specific requirements producing what we believe is a simple and effective logo which is now integrated across all our communication channels. Our website is eye-catching and interactive providing our customers with intuitive navigation that shows all our available sites. This is no mean feat considering the volume of information on all our sites. Now our customers can quickly see photos of available sites in their areas along with tips and examples of signs that have been designed and are successful for our customers.

Anita Palm | Managing Director